DUAL LYD  a project in collaboration with the musician Andrea Viti 


YELLOW MOOR  a recording project of songs in which I took care of all stages of production, song writing and lyrics and participated as a singer in the band. 


SFERE-V  radical improvisation group in which I participated as a performer with the musicians Mell Morcone & Stefano Corradi and the painter Sarthori.


TRACE_becoming art


a review project for the visual and performing arts that I conceived and curated for three editions with the support of Studio28 Milano / Asssociazione Perypezye Urbane 

which saw the participation of thirty-six artists from different creative fields.


A BOOK OF BIRTH & DEATH a poetic literary project by Cristina Viti for which I created the official website.



RAM a musical project in which I participated in the production, recording in the studio as an assistant, making videos.